The metallic bridge to be restored was constructed between May 1941 and November 1945 to substitute an old wooden bridge, and today has a total extension of 107.45m, including the abutments. Since 1983, the date of the opening of another bridge upstream, this bridge has only allowed traffic flow in a North-South direction.

The work will be carried out with a total ban on traffic, on the Old Bridge side.
In line with this intervention and for this effect, the reinforcement of the structure of the existing temporary bridge will be carried out previously and this will take the volume of traffic during most of the period of completion of the work.  

The restoration and upkeep of the Alcácer bridge envisages the reinforcement and repairing of the metallic structure, including painting, the substitution of the concrete slab and the metallic decking, reconstruction of the abutments  (including special foundation work, such as piles props and micro-props), waterproofing treatment, bituminous surface, safety barriers, new guard rail balustrades, decorative illumination, new system of dilatation joints, restoration and upkeep of the existing support systems, installation of hydraulic support devices and repairing of the raising of the movable bascule system.

The contract also includes the requalification and urban reconversion of the area right next to the bridge including earthworks, Paving, Landscaping, street lighting, signs and traffic signalling.

At the end of the contract the temporary bridge will be dismantled, and the upgraded bridge will then guarantee the flow of two way traffic.

Developer: EP - Estradas de Portugal, S.A.

Value of the contract: € 2.096.484,14 (Without VAT)

Consignment: September 2007
Deadline: 360 days

Main amounts:
Deck areas in reinforced concrete: 549 m2
Metallic Paving intermediate span: 78 m2
Concrete: 456 m3
Formwork: 597 m2
Indirect foundations - Piles (01,20m): 240 ml
Indirect foundations - Micro- Props: 868 ml
New steel beams to incorporate in metallic structure: 65.000KG (approx)
Steel A500 NR to incorporate in slabs and joins: 43.665 kg
Reinforced concrete  to demolish: 300 m3
Putting in of new paving and removal of existing floors in the immediate area of the major structural work: 1.500 m2